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Gold City Organics: CBD Tincture Line

After several months of research and development; we are proud to announce the official launch of Gold City Organics CBD Tinctures. Our CBD tincture line has 4 products in total: Having been involved in the industry for so many years, and having sampled a wide variety of products and brands, it was important to us […]

Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and CBD Isolate. What’s the difference?

CBD or Cannabidiol is everywhere right now. It’s in grocery stores, in your local coffee shops, and even in the news. Just like with anything you buy in the holistic health care industry, it’s extremely important for consumers to be educated on what they’re buying. I am here to help you distinguish the three (3) […]

How CBD Muscle Balms Ease Workout Soreness

Everyone knows the feeling the day after a good hard workout. The stiffness, the sore muscles – it’s not fun. As someone who’s lifted for over a decade I can tell you that the single biggest leap forward has come from my integration of consuming CBD before and after my workouts. I’ve found that when […]