CBD Health & Beauty Tips

We all want to look and feel our best. Often, what really makes the biggest difference is the simple things like our daily routines. Sleep and stress levels all have a significant impact on our physical health and appearance.

So where does CBD factor into all of this?

For starters, it’s well-documented that consuming CBD on a daily basis – for a majority of people – can have a positive impact on the number of hours and overall quality of your sleep. When you sleep good, you feel good.

As someone who’s constantly busy, and always taking on new clients and consultations, there’s a certain amount of stress that I’ve become accustom to – it’s part of the job and something to be thankful for. However, CBD has drastically reduced the amount of daily stress for me personally and has aided me in my ability to work harder and longer to better serve my clients and business partners.

When I’m less stressed, I feel better and look better and generally have a better attitude overall, which means better relationships, better business and a happier, more vibrant me.

Another key factor is inflammation. No one wants to look puffy and inflamed. CBD has been shown to help reduced general inflammation, reducing joint pain, and even puffy eyes in the morning. I add a CBD tincture to my morning coffee to help mitigate my inflammation levels.

We’ll go more in-depth in future articles about specific CBD products that will help you look and feel your best.