Get to Know: Gold City Organics

With so many start-up companies vying for space in the newly emerging CBD space, how is the consumer supposed to judge the quality and value of a CBD brand? And as a brand, how can we deliver on our promises to our customers?

At Gold City Organics, we ask ourselves these questions every day. How can we – as a company – deliver a product and a service that we would personally use on a daily basis.

The answer for us was simple – we focused on producing the highest-quality product, at a cost that’s affordable and sustainable for the majority of consumers on a daily dosage schedule. The majority of our customers are repeat buyers. Meaning, once they’ve found a product that works for them, they like to stick with it and will often make larger monthly purchases for their typical monthly treatment regiments, in order to always have their favorite CBD product always available when needed.

The health and wellness properties of CBD are well documented. Our goal is simple, to deliver a high-quality product that is affordable for people like ourselves; who find the therapeutic value of CBD useful on a daily dosage schedule.

There’s nothing worse than running out of your favorite brand of coffee, or reaching into your cupboard for a snack, only to find that you’re out. Even worse is realizing that resupplying isn’t in the budget.

We know that feeling – it’s one of the key reasons we formed our company. To provide a product that not only works, but is affordable to the majority of people who need it.

Gold City Organics was founded with a consumer-first ethic. We value our customers and your feedback is critical to our growth and continued service to delivering incredible, affordable products. We do this because we’re using the same products that you are, and our commitment to setting the highest possible standards is second to none.

We’re not interested in following the latest trends, or jumping on the CBD bandwagon to simply turn a quick profit. We started this company because we genuinely care about the benefits that CBD has provided for our customers, our family and ourselves.

We’re here to lead by example and set the standard for care for our customers, and commitment to quality.